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Laura Gub is an ex model, hobby photographer,blogger, with experience in business
management, legal administration and consultancy. She had worked as a fashion,
photographic, editorial and life model for over seven years. She had developed a
keen sense of style and a strong eye, for the "right" picture. Her years spent
as a model have proven invaluable in determining the best ways of introducing
oneself effectively, whether online or offline. Her deep interest and passion for
nowadays' social dynamics lead her to initiate the founding of Brand You -Simply
Your Dating Coach, dedicated to help bring out the best in you,
for a better, richer and more exciting dating life.

Richard D. Gub is a life coach specialized in personal development. He studied life
coaching at Newcastle College, counselling at Bradford Institute for Counselling
and social psychology at West London University. He is a member of the
Association for Coaching UK. He's published several expert articles in Ezine
Articles. His principle: "It's never too late to reinvent yourself!" His motto: "Get
reborn like the Phoenix, from its ashes!"

Married for 12 years, divorced and apart for 7 years, Laura and Richard reinvented their relationship in business. Originally called "Bring Out the Best in You", Brand You - Simply Your Dating Coach was founded in November 2010, together with a team of researchers and marketing managers, after over 2 years of researching dating sites. We were struck by the lack of quality and specifics of a vast amount of member profiles. The profiles had one thing in common, though. Hope. People setting up those profiles had hope of someday meeting someone. And the general feeling grew stronger and stronger that people need help. Ever since, Brand You has worked relentlessly to set up a selection of services and packages to do just that.

Our team of dedicated professionals include writers, photographers,
photo editors and marketing specialists. We are here to assist
you in building your own brand and to guide you to success in the
online world of dating. Oh, and by the way, nearly every single one of
us has had successful experiences of dating online.