How Much Does Online Dating Really Cost?

How Much Does Online Dating Really Cost?

I’m often asked by clients which DATING site I recommend. And this is a very specific question. It’s actually an even more tailored task than profile writing, since different sites have different categories of people from various walks of life. Fact is, unless one tried almost all the dating sites, it’s literally impossible to give a fair recommendation to a client. Luckily, just as  any product or service that has a wide variety of providers, and for which there are price comparison websites, online dating sites have as well come under review where their prices are concerned. Let’s shed a bit of light onto how much does online dating really cost in the UK.

I recently had the chance to talk with Darren Williams,  the founder of Dating Price Guide, about his and his team’s efforts that led to the founding and development of their very useful site. Just like BrandYouMax, Dating Price Guide was born from the need to get it right.

According to Darren, men are especially affected by the cost of online dating  since it typically takes them a lot longer to get dates, and in addition they are the bearers of the costs of a first date, sometimes the 2nd date as well. Thus,  putting it all together can be an expensive affair.


1. So Darren, how long did it take you to put the site together? Weeks, months?

Initially we only had a few pages up so the first bit of content was live within a few weeks, once I had, had enough time to get a feel for the site really.


2. Have you registered with all the online dating sites listed on your website, or you had friends giving you some info as well.


Yes, all of the dating sites we feature I have personally used. Some more than others (eg I haven’t contacted anyone from Ashley Madison or Illicit encounters) but I also have a friend who uses some of them too, so they can help contribute their view of the site also.


3. How did the dating sites receive your contacting them for information? 

Most of them are very open and see it as another avenue for them to reach new customers, so they are great. It’s a friendly industry so they are pretty open if I ever need any extra info


4. Are you committed to keep the site accurate and up to date in this changing market?

Yes of course. I speak to some sites weekly in order to keep the prices and our offers up to date. With online dating only growing in popularity it’s only going to be more important to provide the most up to date info


5. Have you considered reviewing dating apps?

Yes we have. I kind of wish I had picked a better name for the site as its inherently focused on price and a lot of apps don’t charge so it kind of defeats the main purpose of our site. BUT its definitely something I want to incorporate.


6. How much do you think you’ve saved along the months/years that you actively dated online? 

In terms of me personally, it’s hard to say but it must be nearly £1000 if I added up all the months I had used the sites and discounts I have taken advantage of. I wouldn’t like to try and work out how much we have saved our users, but I like to think I’m providing a useful service to the community by supplying up to date dating promo codes and discounts as well as the general sign up info.

7. What’s next for Datingpriceguide? Will you start reviewing dating related niche services as well, like love coaches, matchmakers and other dating experts?

Funny you should say that. I’m planning a more general ‘review’ site that will cover the whole dating market, so that will include more niche and non-traditional methods of dating other than just the sites. I think having a one stop shop that will guide you through all of the options and services would be a great help. Dating is such an uncertain thing and so having a helping hand would be great, a lot of people don’t like to admit they are actively looking for dates (although this is changing) and so wont ask for help or guidance, I’d like to be the helping hand.

Don’t forget to visit the site regularly to get the best deal on your online dating in the UK!

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