How to Find the Best Dating Site for You

How to Find the Best Dating Site for You

Online dating is the new black. Ever since almost everybody is doing it, most of us are pulled into it, no questions asked. Typically, we only ask questions after our ego and feelings of self worth had a roller coaster ride at least a few times. Then, we either give up, or if we’re brave enough, we brace ourselves and ask the crucial question : how do we find the best dating site for us?


1. Online Dating – a Very Real Social Experiment

Online dating is one of our most practiced social experiments to date. It’s a bit like a walk in the dark. We rely on friends to guide us what site to pick, if at all. or we just go with the flow. The most advertised site, surely the most popular one should do the trick. What could go wrong? I know, because I’ve done it myself. Has it brought me the desired results? Well, almost, but not before crashing and burning (emotionally) a few times and not before getting massively turned off the entire human race, on occasions. Because it takes all kinds and with online dating being so widely spread, it seems that many of us feel that it gives us the licence to be whatever and whomever we feel like being, as there are no consequences to be had. Yes, the online dating world has a language of its own and it’s a world on its own without rules, a sort of wild west for the uninitiated. It needs a map and it needs emerging rules and regulations, but most of all it needs to make us feel safe being in it. In all this maze, we need someone who speaks our language.


2.How to Find the Best Site for You? – We Ask the Experts

Out of the many guidance, comparison and review sites one of the best is, I found. Their in debt research addresses almost every issue under the sun that us, online daters are concerned with. Starting with price, complexity of setting up a profile, demographic reach, quality of interactions, accuracy of algorithms and ending with which site is best for long term relationships, it has it all. On this note, I had a chat with Lexi Watkins, from in order to find out more about the ground work that led to such quality research.




a. What was the chosen criteria that you based your selection on?

Lexi: First we started by compiling every type of dating sites we could find on the internet but excluded sites that were catered specifically to targeted audiences, meant for unscrupulous relationships, based on looks alone, or that were primarily for hookups. We were really in search of dating sites that created real and long term relationships–the kind that that could lead to marriage and everything in between. Finally, we analyzed web traffic data, algorithms, and interviewed different dating experts. That’s how we came up with the top four picks!



b. How many people worked on this complex research, and how long did it take?

Lexi:  It first started with a team that dwindled the large pool down to the top four picks. Our content team is comprised of eight people and narrowed it down for our writers to focus on. Once the top four were picked, we analyzed their usability and ease, algorithms, message/interaction quality. We also included the human element–one of our writers (a straight, single woman) created a profile on all four of our top picks to see first hand the type of messages she would receive. It took us in total six weeks of research to feel like we had gotten it right!



c.How do you keep your research up to date what with the ever changing industry?

Lexi:  We make sure that we are constantly updating our articles. When we see that there are changes in the industry or to the sites, we make sure that we make note and reevaluate or even update top picks if we see necessary. There are times where we may miss something and in those cases our devoted readers will let us know if there needs to be any tweaks. We are hoping to do dating apps in the near future because this really is an ever changing and growing industry.

It’s safe to say, that whatever stage of online dating we’re at, whether just pondering about photos and a profile, or whether we’re ready to take the plunge or shift gears, thanks to sites like we’re not alone, help is at hand. And this help,  in the form of invaluable research and insight, is something that nowadays we can’t do without. I say, dear Lexi and team, you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Check out today to find the best site for you.

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